Welcome to my Blog


This Blog was born in August 2016 when I decided a bit for fun to write the Diary of my life. In addition to writing about my everyday life I also started writing everything about my intimacy and later seeing the success that the Blog was getting I started to put some of my Intimate Videos too. My life has not been easy for many reasons and for this I recommend that you read my Diary from the beginning if you have the patience and the desire to do it but I am sure you will be passionate if you do. Over the years I have established a very close relationship with some who followed me in the Diary so much so that we wrote to each other in private practically every day. Maybe I'll be a dreamer, the fact is that I believed all their beautiful words until one at a time they revealed themselves for what they were. All their love for me was just taking the piss to see my videos. This is why I have decided that from now on I no longer want to have relations of any kind with anyone who reads my Diary or watches my Videos. In this new version of my Blog access to my Diary will not be for everyone even if I will give it a chance to follow me anyway. Well ... now you just have to start reading my Diary and if you decide to watch my videos, all the more reason you need to know my life to understand them. A Kiss Sarah